3 Ways to Improve Your Marketing

Marketing takes time. And resources. And management. Just like operations does. But it’s likely you’re so busy with operations and running your business, that your marketing efforts aren’t what they could be. And maybe neither are the results. See below for three actionable items that can improve your marketing.

1. Go Social. If your business doesn’t have a local facebook page, get one.

Facebook is important because of the time most of us spend on there, as well as because of the information we so freely post and share on Facebook with our network of friends. The information we share allows your business to target specific ages, locations, and interests with highly relevant, and effective content and ads. How? Serve a daily special offer to people in your area, during the hours you want, and reach potentially 10,000 people for ~$60. It’s done everyday on Facebook.

2. Go Local. If your franchise isn’t search-friendly, and you’re not using all of the FREE local search tools Google provides, start now.

New customers are finding you on the internet. Or, they’re finding your competitors if they’re not finding you. This pretty much comes down to what you know about SEO, SEM, and Google’s products that can assist you with these items. Bottom line, SEO takes time. And you may not even have a local website anyway. Does this mean you don’t need to worry about Google? No! Claim and complete your Google Places listing(s). Use Google+. Maybe even sign-up for Google AdWords and experiment with targeted ads to your Facebook page, or local website if in place. All of these items can help, and all are ways to reach local customers at the moment they’re looking for your product or service.

3. Go Mobile. If your business doesn’t have a mobile-friendly website, or a text marketing program, get one.

Mobile is important because of the time people spend on their mobile devices, and the intimacy that they attach to these devices. Did you know that more than 90% of smartphone users have their phone within reach 24 hours a day, seven days a week? So many tasks that we used to do less conveniently, can now be effortlessly achieved on a smartphone. Your customers are looking for you on their phones. And if you don’t have a plan for mobile, then not only do you run the risk of missing customers, but upsetting and frustrating them too. Just look at yourself. Chances are you’re a smart phone user, and chances are you know what we’re talking about since you’re a consumer. Don’t be that business that makes your mobile customers pinch and scroll left, right, up, and down to get your desktop site info on their mobile device. Get a mobile-friendly website, put a mobile marketing strategy in place and start sending mobile offers out to your local customers. Delight those customers who are looking for you on their phone!

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