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There are a variety of marketing related tasks that you may find yourself needing assistance with on a monthly basis. And it’s likely that we can assist with most if not all of those tasks, so if you don’t see something listed below please ask us if we can help. That said, in our experience with working with small businesses, we’ve found that there are several items related to marketing that most of our customers find themselves needing most frequently.

These items are:

  • social media management
  • email/text marketing
  • SEO/SEM & local search & online reputation management

It may be likely that you need similar assistance with some or all of the items above. Please see the pricing information below to get an idea of the costs associated with taking advantage of some of the services CMS provides.

Social Media Management


-Weekly postings with your offers and other content designed to engage and entertain your fans and followers.

-Page monitoring and response to customer page posts, comments, messages, etc.

-Administration and management of various Facebook/Twitter advertising products, but does not include the budget used to purchase these ads.


Prices start at $499/month


Prices start at $499/month

Other misc social media (Instagram, Snapchat, etc)-

Prices start at $299/month ea./month depending on account and post frequency


Email/Corporate Text Messaging Management

Price includes creating and scheduling up to five emails per month. All prices are per market if different messages/offers are being used in different markets.

Email- Prices start at $299/month



Text Marketing Management

Price includes creating and scheduling up to five text message blasts per month for your offers & info using platforms like iZigg 90210, Trumpia, Tatango and other text programs. It also includes weekly raffle administration for product giveaways if needed. All prices are per market if different offers are being used in different markets.

5 message blasts a month, plus a weekly raffle- $199/month


Marketing Coordinator Services

All prices are per market if different offers are being used in different markets.

Monthly marketing calendar development- Custom

We create a monthly marketing calendar for you that includes all of your offers that are going out on all your marketing channels like your advertising, email/text/corporate messages, social media, etc. so that you have an organized view of your monthly marketing and can plan accordingly. These calendars can also include important key dates from each month such as ad campaign start/stop dates, advertising deadline and in-home/air/campaign dates, and other items like national promotions for various corporate initiatives if a franchise.

Advertising coordinator services- Custom

We can work directly with your various market media, coordinating creative, copy and offers for items like print, online, radio, local tv, etc so that all you have to do is make the final changes/approval.

Design services: boxtops, flyers, posters, banners, etc- Custom

We can provide design services for items like business cards, boxtops, flyers, posters, ads etc. Price above includes up to four designs a month.


Online Reputation Management

We monitor and respond to all of your online customer reviews in close to real-time as reviews occur monthly. All prices are per market.

Google reviews, Yelp, Urban Spoon- $99/month for all three.


All services are able to be customized. Just ask us to bundle the services you desire, and we will custom build a package for you.

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