Are you interested in taking your franchise marketing social? You may be wondering how to do that with everything else you’ve already got on your plate. Or you may have thoughts or doing it yourself, or out-sourcing, but aren’t exactly sure where to begin.

Why not begin with a company that already has a deep understanding of how franchises work from a corporate level on down to the single store operator? Sure, we’ve also got an in-depth knowledge of actionable, real-world marketing strategy using everything from social and mobile, to traditional vehicles like print, radio and tv too. But CMS also has robust knowledge of typical franchise concept policies and procedures, to the tools those concepts make available to franchisees for marketing and other purposes.

Some of the tools and systems CMS is intimately familiar with include:

  • Comparative sales tracking software
  • Corporate emails/text marketing┬áback offices
  • Various franchise operator resource portals and websites

We use corporate emails/text marketing platforms to administer marketing initiatives for our current customers every week. Our customers have provided us access to many of the resources their concept makes available to them for marketing and operations purposes. CMS interacts almost everyday with these systems and resources with the work we do for our customers. What that means for you is that we can hit the ground running, put activities in place that start to drive sales quickly, and take items off of your to-do list. That all adds up to freeing up your time and focus, so that they can be directed to operations, and other sales driving initiatives like customer service and training.

At the end of the day, we genuinely CARE about your success. Our goal is to form a partnership with your business that is mutually beneficial, and one that continues for a long time based on value delivered to you!

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